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The Hanson Family has always worked together. Ryan and Marlin’s building history on the Sunshine Coast began with their father, Lex Hanson, who moved to Gambier Island in the late 1960s.


Prior to that time, the Hanson Family roots were in land development, building and landscape architecture in Southern California. There, Archie Hanson Junior and Archie Hanson Senior were responsible for Southern California developments like Hidden Hills, Hidden Valley Ranch and Palos Verdes Estates. When Lex moved to the Sunshine Coast, he bought land on Gambier Island where he set up a saw mill and built the timber frame home Ryan and Marlin grew up in. From there he began a career in marine construction and that was a business that Ryan and Marlin worked in for years prior to getting into land based building. The heavy timber work on piers still inspires their building. Massive beams, simple and strong methods of joinery, raw materials and longevity are keys to the Hanson’s work.

Today, the aim is to combine that timeless simple West Coast aesthetic with contemporary design and modern building technology. The result is uniquely Hanson Land & Sea.